TEDx Fuxing Park | New Date and Venue
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New Date and Venue

13 Oct New Date and Venue


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your continued support – TEDxFuxingPark FUSION has evolved so much with your help! This year we have invited excellent minds from many different fields: technology, art, design, education, economy and more, to join together to bring to you the fantastic event ‘FUSION’. As well as hearing our speakers, we hope all of you will enjoy a ‘fuse’ of discussion with other attendees and speakers, and of course, be inspired!


However, like with many big events, there have some bumps in the road. We have just been notified from our original venue Shanghai symphony hall, that we can no longer hold our event there due to rehearsal and performance use. Of course this news isn’t great, but we understand and support Shanghai Symphony Orchestra’s outstanding artwork, and therefor respect their decisions.

在团队多方努力和寻找之下,非常感谢蒲公英会议中心,在得知我们的紧急情况后,在这么短时间的通知时限内,空出场地为融合大会 之用。TEDx融合大会将稍作一天延迟,于10月19日周日在上海闸北区蒲公英会议中心召开。(附件中为蒲公英会议中心地址简图, 和一些照片)

Our team have worked very hard on finding a new venue and want to say a massive thank you to Shanghai PUGONGYING (Dandelion) Conference Center, who have agreed to offer us their conference hall in such short notice. TEDxFuxingPark 2014 FUSION will now take place on Sunday October 19th, in our new venue in Zhabei District, PUGONGYING Conference Center.

Please see map below for details.





We would like to thank you so much again for your support and hope to see you on Sunday October 19th.


Of course, if our new date doesn’t work for you, we will be happy to refund the full value of your ticket and hopefully will see you in our next TEDx event.

We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that this change may have caused and our special service crew will contact you soon about ticketing and registration arrangements. Alternatively, you can reply to this email if you would like to cancel your registration or if you have any questions.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);